Where do you stay?

In Stellenbosch we stay at the Stumble Inn. We get our own wing and are the only guests in that entire area. In Pretoria, we stay at Rosemary Hill, usually in the boarding school dorms. 

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What do you do in South Africa?

InSite participates in practical help projects ( painting homes, cementing steps and building walkways), and contributes to more long term projects (tutoring, english lessons, skills training) when possible. 

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What are all the costs?

The students are asked to fundraise €1750 for the trip to SA. This covers all costs while in South Africa. The training fee is €275 ex btw which covers all training costs, workbooks and the retreat weekend. 

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Is it safe to go to South Africa?

InSite is fully aware of the risks of traveling. We stay in secured locations, with locked gates and added security, when needed. We hire drivers and travel with our local partners while we are there. The students are never alone or allowed to be out without adult supervision. When in the settlements, we are in a group and we all walk and work in groups of at least 3 people. It’s one of the reasons we have training sessions and work on team building. We build a high sense of trust between us to ensure that we will all do our part for the good of the group. 

Why do students fundraise?

Being active in the raising of funds gets the students more connected with the cause and needs of those in South Africa. Fundraising teaches students the value of money, how to give a pitch, handle rejection, builds resilience and confidence. It provides an opportunity for more students to participate and provides the resources for InSite to contribute to projects in South Africa. 

How do students fundraise?

We encourage all students to send out letters. InSite provides 2 letter templates for them to personalize and a spreadsheet for them to track their potential donors. Students are led through a series of actitivites, based in design thinking, which bring them to collaborative teams working on similar ideas. Each team gets a coach. The students also get a tutorial on our 3rd party platform, pifworld.com and how to use this effectively. We also give them experience in writing and giving a pitch that is authentic, true and speaks to their passion which inspires others to want to join them in their cause.

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What is the time commitment?

- There will be 1 training session per month on a Sunday from Oct till June
- A weekend retreat
- 10-12 days in SA over the Feb or May Holidays
- 1 wrap up event at the end of the program.
The other time commitments are fundraising and student-led actions outside of our full team meetings. All hours count towards CAS for students in the IB program.

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