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Shawna Snow

Leadership Development Designer, Workshop facilitator

Shawna Snow is a professional with many talents. Her expertise revolves around leadership development and training. She applies this in her non-profit Stichting Reckoning and her private business Smell the Flowers. 

In 2011 she received her Masters Degree in Global Urban Leadership from the Bakke Graduate Universtity. 

In 2017 she got certified by the leading institute for "creating open mindset" the Arbinger Institute. There methodology promises up to 400% more profitability when the principles are applied by the whole organization.

In 2018 she was Certified in courses of Positive Psycology as well as a certification in Human Certered Design.

Shawna is a public speaker on various events; like TEDX Education, Vrije Universiteit, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, and Spark (conference for women entrepreneurs).

As a facilitator,  she has helped leaders at big brands (Starbucks, aFrogleap, AESICA) with new approaches to business problems, staff development and 'out-of-the-box'-thinking. She has also worked with many people within her NGO with designing experiential learning environments, learning leading to change and transformation, and direct action in the fields of sustainable community development projects in South Africa. 


 Outward Mindset

Mindset is the driver of our outcomes.

How we think about ourselves and the world around us set the tone for how we work. Mindset can change your outcomes so that you experience more success in your business and more meaning in all your relationships. 

Do you find yourself in the same relationship patterns which leave you frustrated? Are there relationships in your professional or personal life that are problematic depleting you of energy and focus, taking away from what you're trying to achieve?  Are you experiencing the level of connection and success that you want? 

Shawna, certified by ArbingerNL,  can show you how the outward mindset approach can show you how to an outward mindset can lead you to experience more success in your business and more meaning in all your relationships. As people are at the heart of every business and every home. 

Here's what you can do: 

  • Book  a 15 minute consultation to see how an outward mindset can help you. 
  • Book a 60 minute one on one session designed to unpack a situation you're currently experiencing and wanting a change. 
  • Sign up for a 3 hour workshop on The Outward Mindset. 

Leadership Development Design

Do you give workshops, training sessions, plan events, teach in a classroom setting or create experiential experiences using mediums of art or play? 

Do you need a way to design your experiences to ensure your participants are getting what you're giving? Do you need ways to know how to measure this essential component of design? 

Shawna has been trained uses the 8 steps of design model created by Jane Vella, as well as the Human-Centered design designed by IDEO, not to mention her 25+ years in teaching, and leading workshops, events, and various other experiential learning platforms and initiatives in sustainable community development in South Africa. 

Gain more expertise. Take your sessions to the next level and learn the tools to bring your content to life for your participants. 

Book a 90 Minute session today and gain the peace of mind that you're contribution to making others awesome will be transformational to all who participate! 

Have questions about the process? Book a 15 minute consulation and speak directly to Shawna to see how this can be a benefit to you. 

I really liked the workshops and your style of facilitating. The tools were useful and we’ve already been using them seeing better results with our teams and clients. Thanks!
— Arthur - HR manager